The Blacklist (video by The Fine Bros.)

By now you all know that I love this show right?! And you can catch up via Netflix where they have it streaming, or you can watch this video by The Fine Bros – but don’t watch it unless you’ve seen the first season – there are spoilers you just don’t want to miss as you watch the first season!

But if you’ve already seen it, enjoy!

Work in Progress Wednesday


Here is an update on all my WIPs !  (WIP is Work In Progress)  All links are to Ravelry – I’ve shared them so you don’t have to be a member to view them, but if you are a knitter or crocheter, why aren’t you a member?

The Death Star Pillow (gift) for a friend’s son who requested it look like this right now:


The Traveler’s Mitts (gift) look like this now:


The Lacy Pumpkin (gift) now that I had to start over, looks like this now:


My Rainbow Socks look like this now:


The Spiral Scarf (gift) looks like this now:


The Teacher Gift Blanket (gift) looks like this now:


Hopefully next week when I post again, they will look different! And, man, I need to stop starting new projects!