We only show our best sides online, right? Well I want to remember ALL the crazy parts too! So here is what didn’t make social media so far today…

  • We realized there are no napkins in the house! No, I will not use my best dishes and fancy silverware and then use papertowels! Fortunately Momma and the kids are out trying to find some! They love me in spite of my flaws.
  • The first pie went down the garbage disposal when I misread the instructions. Sigh.
  • Eric worried his sausages made too much smoke and turned on the whole house fan to clear the air. He forgot the roaring fire going in the fireplace. Cough cough.
  • The dogs have tried to kill us 1,001 times today by standing where we are walking. They keep plotting.

On the plus side,

  • Jason helped me prep the stuffing! Big help!!
  • Christa’s friends brought us a homemade cheese ball and crackers. What a nice thing to do!
  • The bird is in the roaster.
  • In between everything,  I’m getting a last minute Christmas gift knit on and might even finish it today!

I’ll add more if our day continues as it has! Lol