Laughing at myself


For Christmas Hubs and I got Fitbit Flex’s.  The idea being we’d not forget to take a pedometer that is on our wrist.  We’ve been enjoying weekly challenges with my sister – who can walk the most M-F  (not me is the answer!) – and other fun incentives. It really has shown me how sedentary I am and motivated me to move.

As you all probably know by now, the daily walking goal for most people is 10,000 steps.  I wanted to work up to that so I set my goal lower.  When you meet your goal, the bracelet vibrates and the lights blink in a pattern.  For the past few days, I’d get out of bed, shuffle to the kitchen and get coffee and my bracelet would start to celebrate.  I knew I hadn’t reached my goal so I thought maybe my bracelet’s time was off or something.

Since it’s raining today, I plugged it in to charge and headed to my dashboard.  Somehow my goal was set for 45 steps!! No problem! I can obviously do that within 5 mins of waking up! LOL

So, I’m back on track now!  For those who want to know – on my own, I’m only walking 3000 steps.  So my first goal was 4000 and now I’m at 5,000 steps.  My ultimate goal is 10,000.  But just as I can’t run a 5k without training and working up to that goal, I can’t do that right now without working up to it!