Observations after two weeks


I’m more than 1/2 way done! Our class has shrunk even smaller – there are four of us now. I’ve really come to enjoy these people and hope they are able to achieve everything they want to do.  F is the only guy left. He is a hippy straight out of the 60s – loves the Grateful Dead and everyone. He’s had a rough life but is super proud that he can (and has) lived with nature for many years, helping other when he could and doing his best to be self reliant.  This class has been a stretch for him, but he’s witty and makes it fun!

M & V are the other women, both younger moms.  V is like a younger version of me, if I had confidence to kick down doors and take names!  M is quiet but it’s been neat to see her literally come out of her shell. The first week she wore a hoodie all week with the hood up. She’s a beautiful person who deserves more than she’s currently got. And, I think she’ll get there!

I count myself blessed to have met these folks!

I think I mentioned the first few days focused on our personalities, interests and skills.  Of course applying this to the type of work we’d like.  I was pretty sure where I was going to focus my job search, but it was nice having that confirmation that I was going the right direction.

We worked on job applications, resumes, practiced interviewing and so much more than I could share here.  Next week we actually start looking for jobs.  Of course, I’ve got some resumes out there already.  In fact, I have an interview for next Tuesday afternoon and just found out another interview will be scheduled soon for another position. I thought I bombed the test, but based on my score, I’m the 2nd candidate out of 35!! Yippee!  And there is still another position that I REALLY want but it doesn’t even close until 9/3.

Next, we start the real searching! Prayers appreciated! :)