We were up at 2am.  2am!! I might never get over that!

We loaded 5 scouts in our van and headed South.

At first they looked like this:

SoCal Trip 001SoCal Trip 002

and then the sun came up…

SoCal Trip 003

and they looked like this…

SoCal Trip 009

You can’t see them because they are laying down in various ways – except J2 who just laid back and snored! lol

We arrived with all 5 scouts

We arrived safely with all 5 scouts

Here are some other shots from Long Beach:

SoCal Trip 011SoCal Trip 013SoCal Trip 014SoCal Trip 012SoCal Trip 016SoCal Trip 020

And, then I was too tired to take many more pictures! lol

I think I have a couple pictures of Cousin Cindy and her daughter Amber from Medieval Times on my phone…and a few shots of our return home to J3 and Sissy.   But those will have to wait until tomorrow.

Because that 2am is STILL messing with me!

I should be writing part three of our adoption story … but real life intrudes!  Our two oldest boys are going to Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island for a week of boy scout camp.  Cheryl at TooManyHats and I had a few minutes of freaking out when we thought our boys were going to be there at the same time, but sadly her troop will be there the next week.  Have I ever told you about all the similarities we have found in one another?  It’s cool and weird all at once!

So, not only do we have to help them get their gear all together, we also are transporting 5 scouts in our van.  We offered in order to help save us some money in getting them to camp.  This camp is already SO expensive!  So, Eric and I are leaving Sunday morning – well, technically it’s still night – along with 5 scouts.  After dropping them off, we will spend a couple of days with my cousin and her daughter.  Then we’ll be home for a few days and head back down there again to bring them home.  Thank God for Grammy who will watch the two littles.

Completely out of left field, for those of you who make your own frozen waffles…how do you store them?  Obviously popping them in a freezer bag did not give me the results I wanted.  The waffles are still good after toasting them, but getting them apart was a mess!  So, is there a trick or something I missed?

My mind is all a jumble…here is what is running through it:

  • Need to call the groomers to get an appt for Tuvok & Janeway
  • Need to call another mom to see if boys can get a ride home with her from youth group tonight
  • Need to WORK!!
  • Need to do laundry and start packing
  • Do boys need jackets for Catalina Island??
  • What will I do with the chicken thighs that are in my frig and need to be cooked?
  • I need to get some cash for card making class tonight. I look forward to it…maybe I’ll finally decide if I want to keep (and use) all my stamping stuff or sell it.
  • I need to decide if I can go to the quilt store on Saturday with my friends or if I need to pass. :(  I hope I can go, but…well, things are crazy.

OK…this isn’t helping.  Guess I’ll go throw the chicken in the crockpot, make a few phone calls and then work.  Look for part three later today or tomorrow.

So, earlier today I was able to post some pictures of my knitting at my knitting blog “Knit+Mom=KnitnMom” and now I’m getting to post some here!

First up – J3 was home sick for a few days a week or so ago and created this Lego restaurant complete with a drive-thru, menu, patties on the grill, cash register and warriors in the dining room!





This week, I took the Tiger den and moms to our local 911 communication center:




And, then last night we had our annual Blue & Gold dinner for our Cub Scout Pack.



There were tears after last night’s pack meeting. During the pack meeting we made sure that all pinewood derby cars were the right size and weight. We also did some work to the axles to make the cars go as quickly as possible. And, then, the boys were allowed to run their cars as much as possible. Even though the Cub Scout motto is “Do Your Best” it is still hard for kids to understand that everyone can’t be a winner. It’s a hard lesson for them to learn, and yet it is very necessary to learn.

Before we left that night, J2 had a meltdown. His car never won a race all night. We didn’t even realize how much he wanted to win. Unfortunately, if you look back to yesterday’s post to see his car….it was not built for speed. As they worked on building the car, Dad tried to explain aerodynamics to him, but he insisted that this was the shape/design he wanted. So, we tried our best to explain to him that he needed to do his best…not everyone could win…and so on. As his parents, we were really trying to soften the blow that would come when he did not win today. We were sad for him, but we didn’t really know what to say to him to help it be better.

This morning we got there and registered. After registration you are not allowed to touch your car again until the races are over. They raced the Tigers first. J3’s came in third…of three. He was not happy and he cried a bit too. My friend, Trina tried to cheer him up – but he was not interested! But then he got a 3rd place pin!! That was better! And then he got a certificate for “the car most likely to achieve orbit”!



You can still see the tears – but after getting a pin, certificate and a participation ribbon, he’s all smiles again!

J2, however, got first place!!!!


(sadly I accidently turned off my flash – I’ll get a picture of him with Dad later)

We are just amazed. We don’t know why last night he couldn’t win anything and today he got first place! But we are so happy for him. He sure wanted to win…and we were sure he wouldn’t. He didn’t give up and determined to have a good time…and he ended up winning! Now he can’t say he never wins anything anymore!! 😀