Today was our local Christmas parade and our Cub Scout Pack marched in it. We heard it is the biggest Christmas parade in Northern California and we were entry #401! :-0

Sadly Eric’s back has been out since he raked the leaves last Sunday! Poor guy was literally crying out in pain just trying to get dressed. I made the boys wear two shirts and bring their coats. They didn’t think they would need them because “the sun is out” – but the wind was wicked and from the North! I think they were glad they listened to me! Here are some pictures while we were waiting for our turn. Unfortunately I was too busy keeping our Tigers going or stopping to take pictures on the route!


The Webelos and Webelos II took turns carrying the flags, but these two Webelos II carried our banner the WHOLE parade! Good job boys!


My Tiger Den! I was so proud of them – they all showed up – they didn’t give up – and they didn’t step in Alpaca poop! LOL Yes, we followed the Alpacas! The Tigers were very worried about the poop on the street! LOL


The Bear Den


I love this picture of two of our wolves trying to stay a bit warm while my hubby tries not to loose his hat while giving directions.

After the parade, we walked back to the Boy Scout Cabin for a pizza lunch. Then many of us headed to a local nursing home to carol the residents. By then my Tiger was wiped out but he didn’t give up. This, of course, is about all he’s up to doing now though:wipedout.jpg

In fact, we are all doing it! Those white socks to the right are Eric’s – he’s laying on a heating pad to see if he can get some relief from the pain.


And, that basket to the left…that is holding my knitting. Now that my tea is done – I’ll be heading there as soon as I hit “publish”! 😀

Last week we had J2’s first Webelos I den meeting:


J3’s first Tiger den meeting:


Yummy’s at our special Movie & Knitting Night:


And, we headed up to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to help -but we didn’t get there until later and we brought the rain! 🙁 My sister-in-law really knocked herself out with lunch:


J3 really enjoyed his lasagna on his french bread:


I can’t believe it’s been a week since I updated this blog! Well, I guess I can – I only shoot for weekly updates anyway. And, I installed a new spam catcher for the comments – so I no longer need to log in daily to delete 25 spam comments! Yeah!!

So what was new this week?

  • We decided not to proceed with home ownership – not even sure if I talked about that here – due to the high costs. Maybe in a few years – if we can save more money – we will consider it again. But the day we decided to stay put – our landlords told us they were not going to raise our rent as earlier expected until next Winter! That was a nice surprise.
  • J1 seems to be doing very well at camp. I have not heard from him – but have gotten reports twice from another mom who’s hubby is there. It’s nice to hear good things about your children – especially when you are not there. Can’t wait to see him today and hear his version of camp. Probably “It was good and bad.” Which is his reply to everything lately! LOL
  • J3’s tooth is still wiggling! No plans for extraction yet!
  • J2 had this week off – no seatwork for school – which is a break for me too. But Monday we’ll start up again. It was just the break I needed.
  • There has been knitting this week – in fact quite a bit of it since I was not feeling well earlier in the week. Knit on the Boxers, the Lace Diagonal Scarf and joined a new KAL that starts in August. Check out my knit blog “Knitnmom” for more info!

There’s also been work this week…helping my mom paint her living room….visits from my brother….and a trip to Lake Tahoe! So, it’s been busy – maybe that’s why I didn’t post! LOL

As you might know – we have three boys – and this year we got involved with Scouting. Boy, did we!

Eric is helping J2’s pack as Assistant Cubmaster. Next fall I’m going to be the Tiger Den Leader as J3 will join the pack too. I’m also doing their website:

J1 is part of Troop 68 – lots of camping and other great activities. I’m also doing their website:
Now, all that is normal…but today I’ve been going a bit crazy with all the preparations for various camps!!

J1 is going to Camp Wente in July. But by tomorrow his Scoutmast needs to know what merit badges he’s going to work on. And, even though she came over and explained it all to us – I sort of freaked out! I sent her an email and am eagerly awaiting confirmation. Also, before Camp he’s going to a merit badge Saturday in June and a 2 night campout weekend after this!

Then J2 and J3 are going to twilight camp next week. But really we are all going. Eric will be helping out as will J1. And, since J3 will be a Tiger, he needs an adult participant…me! There is pretraining for all attending adults…forms….fees…..details…details…details…I am literally sitting here with a STACK of papers to read. Ugh!

OTN: Well, last night I realized the Anastasia Socks aren’t going to work for me unless I change them. Because I do two socks at once on Magic Loop, I would have to read two charts all the time…not something I’m up for! So, I’m doing the Fluted Banister socks…my friend Ruth gave me the pattern. Just mindless enough to be perfect!

Ok – back to my paperwork!!