I’ve had a summer cold. And I’ve even been too tired to knit. But I can read, and read I have been! And I’ve found the nicest series of books!

If you’ve been in my home, you know I have a lot of amish art and figures. I love the simple lines but also the simple life style has always appealed to me. Over the years my friends have read amish stories, but I’m not really a love story person (unless it’s Jane Austen) so I hadn’t really paid much attention.

Lately I’d been in a true crime bender and needed something to clear it out of my mind. I stumbled upon this series by Karen Anna Vogel which incorporated two things I loved, Amish and knitting! And then as I read the books, the characters were reading Jane Austen and Anne of Green Gables! 

But the books are more than just a sweet diversion, there are some great character lessons and truths. I plan to buy physical copies of these books just so I can lend them to friends and family. 

Have you read this series? What did you think? Doo you have any suggestions for similar books?

10 years ago this month, I attended a retreat that profoundly affected my spiritual journey.  It’s been 10 years but there are things I learned there that will stay with me a lifetime.

Today I’m picking my aunt up at the airport and we are going to the same retreat for the evening.  My mom is attending and I’m so excited to hear about her experience – praying it was like mine!  They hold these retreats in the Portland, OR area, Sacramento, CA area, and have done them in Ohio and S. California.  If you get a chance – and are ready to experience the love of God in a whole new way – check them out!