Part of what I’m learning from my coaching program is to keep my word to myself.

Earlier today, full of energy and feeling productive, I set a reminder to clean up my “shoe shelf”. This is a small shelf in my bedroom where I stash my shoes for easy access. But invariably, it is where I slip them off and not put away. I had shoes there that were out of season and in our way. So this morning, again when I had tons of energy I planned to put away shoes, clean up and fit everything on the shelf again.

But I got home tired and feeling like all I want to do is sit. But my alarm went off and I remembered I keep my word to myself. I took a deep breath and 1 minute later it was done and I felt so good I took a picture to show Hubs. Lol

Why is this important? Because if I keep my word on little things, then I will be more likely to keep my word to myself on big things. And I’m telling myself, through my actions, that I matter. What I want for my life is obtainable if I don’t give up and keep my word. All little things matter.

Because I never really intended to have a blog, I’ve never had a blogging anniversary.  My blog grew out of my grief and loss.  I can’t seem to tell anyone what I feel but if I pick up a pen or start to type, wow, there I am!

I had intended to work on finishing our adoption story today, but instead I’m finding myself lost in my blog.  At some point I put together a list of my favorite posts – I really don’t even remember doing it – so I added it to my menu above.  And I’m remembering why I like some of them.

Like, Where I’m from, where I shared some special memories.

And, the last time I visited my Grandma Magdalene.

And a poem I wrote about grief.

And sharing posts from friends that encourage me!  A few year later I bought this print from that same friend. <3


I hope you will read some of my favorite blog posts. I will most likely be adding new ones to it as I type out my feelings. 🙂

I can’t believe I forgot to link to Kelly’s Korner yesterday in my Show Us Your Life post! Don’t worry, I’ll edit it in a bit! But when I went back to her blog today I realized I had missed the coolest thing!  On this page, the blogs are categorized! Be still my first-born heart! 🙂 I can’t wait to go visit all the blogs to which I can truly relate! I hope I can find a few new friends! 🙂

We’ve had a lot of changes in our life – some of our choosing and some not. One thing I’m choosing to change is I want to start blogging and reconnecting with other bloggers again.  I want to write more about what we’ve been learning about life after adoption, fasd, rad, raising traumatized children, grief and loss and more!  I’m tired of being isolated and alone. I want to use the things we’ve been living through to help others who are walking in those valleys now!

So, if you are new here, let me introduce myself and my family. I’m Amy. I’ve worn many hats over the years, daughter, sister, wife, infertile, employee, boss, pastor’s wife, ministry leader, foster parent, adoptive parent, mourner, student, cub scout leader, boy scout volunteer, homeschooler, SAHM, WAHM, and more!  I’ve been sharing here since 2002. We’ve adopted 4 kids who are now 21, 19, 15 and 8. We also had a surprise pregnancy but our son, Josh, died in Feb 2003. He was 9 mos old.

I’ve been married almost 29 years. Neither of us are perfect but we are committed and both of us realize we are better together!

I hope to hear from a few of you – whomever you are – and make some new friends! And I look forward to reading your blogs so please leave me a link!

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