We’ve been listening to Woodrow Kroll’s “Back to the Bible” everyday. He’s teaching out of Genesis right now. We are bit behind – so today we listened to “Abraham’s Supreme Test of Faith”.

Hmmm…yes, Lord? I’m listening!

And, this bit of dialogue really encouraged me to keep on….

(female cohost)Well, Wood, I’m looking here at Genesis 22:14 that says, “And Abraham called the name of the place, The LORD will provide.” It’s really easy for us to say, “Oh, the Lord will provide.” But then when the hard times come–well, how can we truly grasp, I mean really grasp that promise that the Lord will provide when those hard times come?

Woodrow Kroll: You know I think there comes times in our lives, and sometimes there’re hard times, when God tests our faith too. And He sees what we’re really made of. And it’s at that point that I want to be in a position not to say, “Where are you now, God,” but to say, “I know You’re there even if I can’t see You. I know You’re there if I can’t feel You.” See, God’s presence is not something I can feel, touch, experience emotionally. God is there because God is there. The only way I can come to grips with that is to ask myself the question, how much do I believe what God promises me in His Word? And the degree to which I believe this Book I think will be the degree to which I am willing to obey God when I don’t understand Him.

Exactly. This is my prayer….I know You are there even if I can’t see You. I know You are there even if I can’t feel You. I know You want what is best for me. I will accept that and praise You for it!

5 Thoughts on “Hope & Faith

  1. Honey ~ I am so proud of you for your wisdom and faith…and so very grateful to God for meeting your needs, in truth and grace. Love you so much! oxmomma

  2. You are such a strong person… I admire you so much.

  3. Robin Jojo on February 6, 2008 at 7:23 pm said:

    I always love when the lord knows what it is we really need to hear. I thank him every day for his most wonderful way he shows us love,peace,faithfulness and how it shows up when we really need him, We just forget sometimes. HE IS ALWAYS WITH US !!!! I LIFT HIM UP ON AND ON in my quiet time knowing he already has me in his arms.

    lots of love your friend Robin

  4. That was such a timely message for you to hear and it’s great that you were able to truly *hear* it! I love to listen to Woodrow Kroll.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever told you or not, but my pastor is Woodrow Kroll’s brother. Their mother also comes to our church. All three of the Kroll brothers are very Godly men.

  5. You amaze me!!! Your strength and faith………………
    You are a Godly woman!

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