Many years ago, I first heard the term intentional as relates to living our lives, parenting our kids.  It really resonated with me.  I don’t want to miss the short time we have together, I want to be intentional, purposeful.  I want to be sure and make the best use of the time we have together.  The past few years of chaos have led to the exact opposite of that.  I wasn’t intentional, I was just reacting.  I was never ahead of that giant ball of life.  I got ran over more than I’d like to admit and I was starting to feel and sound like victim.  I did not like it!
I decided that 2013 I would work to change that.  I figured out what was important to me and then I started to make some small changes (blogging more has been one of these changes).
This week, the biggest change I made was to join an online community of women called HelloMornings.  It is a 13-week challenge to maximize your mornings.  You can do it via twitter or facebook – I even think there are some instagram groups.  They are registering for the Summer session right now – it will run from May 6th through August 2nd – my birthday! 🙂  Registration will close on Friday, May 3rd – so take some time to think about whether this is what the Lord would have you do.
There is a free Bible Study for all participants - Meet Jesus, a walk through the book of John.  But I think I read on the site you don’t have to do that study if you are already in another study.  I am not, could not find one that fits my life, so I am REALLY looking forward to this part of the challenge.  Please note, perfection is not a requirement for this group (it’s just a trap).  Just a desire to start your day with God and a comment to check in with your group.
If you want to do this, but you don’t want to go alone, contact me, I’d love to encourage you!

2 Thoughts on “Being Intentional

  1. Yay! Thanks, Amy, for sharing about HelloMornings.

    Intentionality is HARD but oh-so-worth it! Excited to do the challenge with you!

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