I can barely believe it has been 5 years. The pain is still fresh and yet dull at the same time. The dullness brings on a different kind of pain. I fear forgetting the few memories I have.

Don’t take time for granted.

Hug your children now.

Tell them you love them now.

Soften your words now.

Listen now.

Because later might not come.

6 Thoughts on “5 years ago today

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  2. Amy, you are all in my prayers today. I’m praying that today you will be able to remember fun things about Joshie.

  3. Amy, you’re all in my prayers today. Thinking of you and your family today, and hoping you find comfort with each other.

  4. Amy, I pray that you find peace in your happy memories of Joshie today!

  5. Your advice is spot on! I go in every night before I got to bed and kiss all three good night. They are sleeping, but I kiss them anyway and whisper in their ear “Mommy Loves You”. It is always in the back of my mind that they might never wake up. I have to trust God, but I can’t bury that memory in my mind either. I think you know what I mean.

    It has been a busy day today baking bread, making cookies etc, but you have been on my mind and heart through out the day. I am praying God’s peace in the middle of the storm. I love you! Thank you for your transparency. It’s encouraging and inspiring!

  6. ((((HUGS))))

    I think I’ll take your advice…

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