It’s May! We had some summer weather last week – but this week we are back in Spring! Love it!
Terrific Tuesday is a weekly chance to share what you is making you smile.  Maybe it’s a person or a thing or even an idea!  Post about it on your blog, come back here and link up your post so others can see what we think is Terrific on Tuesday! 😀  And, please tell your friends so they can join us!

This week, Hubs is still on vacation – he goes back to school in a week. But he’s getting all sorts of things done! Love that! Yesterday he put up a trellis for my Star Jasmine!

lattice Collage

As you can see, it’s placement is nice because it’s aroma can waft in the house on these nice Spring days but also give us a buffer from the street.

So, what about you?  Remember – Don’t make this too hard. You can write a book about your blessings or just share a photo or a quick note about what made you smile this week. No rules! ok…one rule. Please link to the actual post and not just to your blog.

If you have ANY questions about any of this – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hope you smile today!!

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