I don’t know anyone who is watching the videos of the aftermath of the tornadoes and not holding their families a bit closer today.  Lord, please be with the families who have lost loved ones, or a home or both.  Father, be with them today and let them feel your comfort and love. Give those who can go there and help extra strength and bless them.  Help those of us who can’t go there to find ways to make a difference – maybe it’s to give to the Red Cross or some other chartity that is probably already there making a difference!

Once again I am writing a Terrific Tuesday post after a tragedy.  And, once again, I am determined to keep doing it.  Terrific Tuesday is a weekly chance to share what you is making you smile.  Maybe it’s a person…a product…an ideal.  Whatever it is, it is a chance to be a smile on the internet!  We have enough sadness, let’s post some blessings! To participate, all you need to do is write a post on your blog, come back here and link up your post so others can see what you think is Terrific on Tuesday! 😀  And, please tell your friends so they can join us!

I’ve been saving a few things – little things that have made me smile!

First, not so little, we are done with homeschooling until August! Woot!  Here is J2 at our celebratory lunch!

endofyearcelebrationTrust me, he is happy, but he is a teenager! 😉

I also found a couple of products that I love!  First, my son, J3 found this one:



It is a Glade Refill in their Blush collection called “Pink Diamond”.  It is so nice that (since he is gone to Science Camp) I have ‘borrowed’ it to put in my office! Yummy! Makes me wonder if it’s a perfume I can buy (I’m so NOT a fashionista!).  The label tells me the scent is Plumeria and Sweet Honeysuckle.  LOVE IT!

And, when I was shopping with my sister, we saw this nail polish (you can tell I took this picture as it’s oh so slightly fuzzy – sorry about that!) called Fuzzy Coat from Sally Hansen.

fuzzycoatnailAs you can see from the pictures, it is a nail polish with textures in it. But what makes it so fun is that the names are all knitting related.  The one above is all All Yarned Up and others in the series are Tweedy, Wool Knot, Wool Lite and more! Check it out!

So, what about you?  Don’t make this too hard. You can write a book about your blessings or just share a photo or a quick note about what made you smile this week. No rules! ok…one rule. Please link to the actual post and not just to your blog.

If you have ANY questions about any of this – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hope you smile today!!


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