is the random posts list in the sidebar (behind “most commented”).  I added it on a whim, but I’m loving it!  I’ve been blogging since 2003 – wow, that’s 12 YEARS!!  oh my word.   Anyway, I’ve been blogging so long that I’ve forgotten many of the things I’ve written or linked to over time.  Add to that a bad memory (we think it’s a side affect from grief/shock/depression) and I’m delighted to read some of the stuff I’ve written.

I have found some fun stuff from 2007.

And, I’ve found some boring stuff – but that recipe is a great one!! – from 2006.

But then I’ve also read some posts that were hard to read.  Maybe I didn’t share what was going on in our family, but I can see the hard days in what I didn’t share or what I requested in prayer requests.  I pray we are truly beyond those days and don’t experience them with any of our other children.

Two things I know I can count on – the Lord is big enough, and nothing stays the same! PTL!

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