I’m not a fan of halloween, but I have one of the best memories of our early halloweens when our big boys (now 19 and 18) were preschoolers!

There was the year we lived by the local High school (so lots of traffic) and three year old James yelled out the door to the retreating trick or treaters, “Hey Kid! Do you know God?  Well, you need to!” lol He was quickly shuffled back inside!

But the best memory was when he was 4.  We had moved from our little house by the high school in to a very cheap mobile home in a park that was more like a country woods than a mobile home park – it was beautiful with a lake across road.  That road gave one lady nightmares and she called me VERY early one morning and asked if she could give our boys free swim lessons – I guess she’d had a nightmare, poor thing!

But this was halloween, and we bought candy like normal, but didn’t realize that no one was going to venture into the woods for candy!  So, we put the big bowl of candy on the top of the refrigerator and went to bed.

The next morning, we woke up and realized that James was already awake. He was at the end of our bed – eyes wide, both fists full of candy wrappers as he yelled, “I GOT CANDY!!!!!”  He had woken up, wandered in to the kitchen, climbed the cupboards, crawled across the stove and grabbed as much candy as he could grab!

He was pretty manic all that day and we got much better at hiding the candy after that! 😉

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