So every year I hear we aren’t supposed to stuff our turkeys. And, every year I just can’t fathom NOT stuffing the turkey. I realize I run the risk of illness, but have yet to ever have it happen. But then a little voice says, but what if?


What do you do?
In or out?

2 Thoughts on “The Turkey Dilemma

  1. We used to stuff, no question about it. And sometimes we still do. But honestly, we also make so much extra stuffing/dressing that we are always baking extra anyway, so it doesn’t save time for us with that. But honestly, I like how quickly our turkey’s get done without stuffing. We do put in chucks, celery, onions, apples, flavored with the seasonings we use in our stuffing, so we do get the same flavor. But, if you really enjoy having your bird stuffed, then stuff it. Just make sure you cook it long enough, and all will be fine. 🙂

  2. Dressing…always. Stuffing is a messy thing and makes the turkey take longer to cook.

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