Tomorrow Joshie would have been one. This fact keeps rolling around in my brain….taunting me.

We would have invited our family and given him a cupcake in his highchair and videotaped the mess he made. I would have bathed him after and chewed on his toes like I always did after bathtime. I would have sprinkled powder over his tummy and laughed with him as I tickled him.

We would have given him a simple gift – maybe a stuffed animal or something to encourage him to walk. He would have been crawling by now! Maybe even taking a step between Mommy and Daddy.

I wonder if he’d have any teeth yet?

I wonder what color his eyes would have been once they finally stopped changing?

I wonder if he’d sleep through the night by the time he turned one?

I wonder if we’d realize what a wonderful gift we had if he was still with us?

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