I found this book while looking for books on reactive attachment disorder (RAD) which is a diagnosis that has affected our family. As I read this story I was just amazed at how much the author’s story was similar to our child’s story.

I realize there is a lot of controversy about RAD and I’m not even sure if I accept it as a diagnosis.  But I so appreciated this view from the other side.   Our story was so similar that at times I had to stop reading so I could start breathing again.

You can clearly trace how the trauma, neglect and loss in the author’s life created an environment where he couldn’t trust anyone and eventually stopped trying.  But his parents kept trying (they obviously got some of the same advice we were given) to help him.  Finally he ended up out of their home and realized he was responsible for how he handled his anger and disappointment.

The book made me sad in that I didn’t see his relationship with his parents really improved but I do see it in our family so I hope he finds that too.  He does recognize they did their best and that is something I pray our son realizes too.

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