Because I never really intended to have a blog, I’ve never had a blogging anniversary.  My blog grew out of my grief and loss.  I can’t seem to tell anyone what I feel but if I pick up a pen or start to type, wow, there I am!

I had intended to work on finishing our adoption story today, but instead I’m finding myself lost in my blog.  At some point I put together a list of my favorite posts – I really don’t even remember doing it – so I added it to my menu above.  And I’m remembering why I like some of them.

Like, Where I’m from, where I shared some special memories.

And, the last time I visited my Grandma Magdalene.

And a poem I wrote about grief.

And sharing posts from friends that encourage me!  A few year later I bought this print from that same friend. <3


I hope you will read some of my favorite blog posts. I will most likely be adding new ones to it as I type out my feelings. 🙂

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