But first, here is a neat idea for a family time – I wish we could have known about this when our big boys were young, but it works great for all ages honestly, if they are willing.  We did this with 4 other couples and it was really fun!  Check it out here:  One Big Happy Home.

Our kids have a pesky habit of continuing to grow and mature!  Darn!  😉  While I do miss the little snuggle bodies it’s great to realize they are moving forward and creating lives for themselves!  So here is a quick update on everyone.

Sissy will turn 9 this summer.  Still going to school with Daddy.  We looked into an IEP but just learned she doesn’t qualify.  They did identify some issues for us – one of them being a visual processing disorder.  That explains why she keeps saying she wants glasses and things don’t look right but the eye doctor says her eyes are perfect.  So if you follow me on Pinterest don’t be surprised to see more of that in my feed as I try to learn all I can to help her.  Thankfully Grammy is living in our home now so there are more helpers and we are so thankful!

J3 finished his first year of high school and without me here!  We were blessed to transition to an Independent study program and still able to homeschool him.  Kelley is much more than a teacher to our family and we are so blessed by her help!  He was frustrated to find out 15.5 yr olds don’t usually get the jobs so he’s focused on getting his license and then the job!  He’s headed to AZ again this summer to work on the Navajo reservation as a ministry.  He’s also the tallest in our family now – well he and Dad are still competing for that title…but I think Dad needs to realize it’s over. LOL

J2 (19) is working at Sonic now.  His bike finally bit the dust (probably due to getting hit by a car about a year ago) and thankfully he’d saved enough for a new one.  The job is only part time but that might be enough for him.  He’s been working with DOR and a local agency but this was a job he got on his own. Not one I thought he’d enjoy due to the noise and stress but he washes lots of dishes and that is probably helps him when things get overwhelming.

J1 (21) and two of his friends are – Lord willing – headed to Utah to attend Job Corps.  In the interim, they are camping in our back yard. Yep, that is 9 people in our house!  We are all equal parts hoping they go soon and missing him already.  He’s doing better in so many areas and we pray it is a very good thing for him!

Eric and I have been doing lots of homework/training in order to teach other parents the Empowered to Connect concepts that we have found to be such a blessing for our family. He continues to teach at Neighborhood Christian School and I am working full-time outside the home too.  I am a branch office administrator for Edward Jones. I truly love my job. I’m still leading Knit Night on Tuesdays at the local library too. Eric’s been involved in several local political groups but had to step back a bit to complete the training.

So, since this has taken me several sit down attempts to complete, I’d better end it sooner than later!

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