Today was hard. I tried to stay busy packing boxes and a few ladies from church helped (one took the boys to McDonalds for TWO hours – there is a special reward for her in heaven LOL) and somehow the day is closing. DH bought a pie and we sung ‘happy birthday’ but I couldn’t really do it. I was just sitting there. The kids – they don’t know any better – said somethings that just cut so deep. But they are hurting too and I’m glad they are talking to us!

Sort of related, but not really….I read an interview with Gracia Burnham in “Decision” magazine today. A few things she said struck me:

When you are suffering and throwing yourself on God, that is when you are closest to Him. Amen to that!

I think of everyday as a gift now, I choose to accept the freedom that I have now as a gift and to be happy. Every day, things that I don’t know how to deal with happen to me, but I’m not going to let that rob me of my joy. I am free, and I have my kids and his wonderful house to live in. I’m not going to mope around about what happened. Of course, I wish I could change things, but that is not the plan of God. Again, what can I add but AMEN!

Thanks for all your love, support, cards and prayers….it so helps knowing that we have such good friends!

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