Part of what I’m learning from my coaching program is to keep my word to myself.

Earlier today, full of energy and feeling productive, I set a reminder to clean up my “shoe shelf”. This is a small shelf in my bedroom where I stash my shoes for easy access. But invariably, it is where I slip them off and not put away. I had shoes there that were out of season and in our way. So this morning, again when I had tons of energy I planned to put away shoes, clean up and fit everything on the shelf again.

But I got home tired and feeling like all I want to do is sit. But my alarm went off and I remembered I keep my word to myself. I took a deep breath and 1 minute later it was done and I felt so good I took a picture to show Hubs. Lol

Why is this important? Because if I keep my word on little things, then I will be more likely to keep my word to myself on big things. And I’m telling myself, through my actions, that I matter. What I want for my life is obtainable if I don’t give up and keep my word. All little things matter.

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