We were up at 2am.  2am!! I might never get over that!

We loaded 5 scouts in our van and headed South.

At first they looked like this:

SoCal Trip 001SoCal Trip 002

and then the sun came up…

SoCal Trip 003

and they looked like this…

SoCal Trip 009

You can’t see them because they are laying down in various ways – except J2 who just laid back and snored! lol

We arrived with all 5 scouts

We arrived safely with all 5 scouts

Here are some other shots from Long Beach:

SoCal Trip 011SoCal Trip 013SoCal Trip 014SoCal Trip 012SoCal Trip 016SoCal Trip 020

And, then I was too tired to take many more pictures! lol

I think I have a couple pictures of Cousin Cindy and her daughter Amber from Medieval Times on my phone…and a few shots of our return home to J3 and Sissy.   But those will have to wait until tomorrow.

Because that 2am is STILL messing with me!

2 Thoughts on “I don’t like 2am

  1. That place looks gorgeous! … Hope everyone had an awesome time!

  2. 2am – ack!!! I love the two pics of the boys in the van – LOL you should have been sleeping too.

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