We have been watching videos for Stranger on the Road to Emmaus* each morning.  It is intended for those with little or no Bible knowledge, but we are all learning so much!

In fact, yesterday I had my own Aha! moment.  When I think about Heaven and Eternity I have a hard time understanding what it will be like…and to be honest, sometimes I wondered if I’d be bored. (lol)  But yesterday, while talking about Eternity the speaker said “…we would be outside of time and space.”   And, I realized what that meant.  We won’t be worrying about the clock.  We won’t be planning for the future or worried we had done the right thing in the past.  We will truly be in the moment!

Do you ever get so caught up in something that time just flies by?  I think that will be Eternity for us.  And, I’m looking forward to it!!

* If you are unfamiliar with this book – check out this link.  Here is a description from their site:

This fully illustrated, 304-page book is written for adults and teens who know little or nothing about the Bible. It explains in a straightforward way the greatest themes of the Bible, step by step creating an understanding of sin, substitution and atonement. You yourself may be asking the meaning of these terms, words you’ve heard many times but never quite grasped the full meaning of. These truths are woven through the text as each chapter builds on the previous. By the end, the reader has the foundation needed to understand the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection. The logical teaching of truth from creation to the cross makes for a clear understanding of what the Bible is all about.

Expand your understanding of how the stories of the Old Testament connect with Christ as you share your faith in a clear, non-threatening way with unsaved family and friends.

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