am writing with some very terrible news – mostly because at a time like this, you need all the prayers you can get. Our son Joshua (8 months) died Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. at the Sutter Davis Hospital in Davis (the town next door to Woodland where we live). He had contracted RSV and Friday started having profound breathing difficulties. He saw the doctor Friday but didn’t respond very well to any treatment. We were told to keep an eye on him, keep doing what we were doing and wait out the RSV virus. Early Saturday morning, after 24 hours or so of such labored breathing, we decided to take him to the emergency room to see if perhaps they couldn’t pursue a little more agressive treatment to give him some relief. They immediately intubated him (his blood oxygen levels were in the 40’s) and he seemed to be stabilizing. They were going to transfer him to a pediatric specialty wing in their Sacramento hospital when his blood oxygen levels plummeted and soon after that, his heart rate began to drop. Eventually his heart stopped altogether and would not respond to any treatment.

It was the hardest thing in the world to leave our baby at that hospital that afternoon. It still doesn’t seem real – I can still hear his crying and feel his cheek against mine. But he is with the Lord now. And the hole in our hearts is like a giant chasm.

Please pray that God would sustain us and comfort us in this time of grief. Without Him, it seems to hard to bear. We will miss Joshua so much!

Thank you for praying.

Eric, for Amy

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