I have a new nephew born today! I hope to see him soon! His name is Kieran Jack…I’ll update this post with particulars when I get them.

Unrelated – I’ve been doing pretty good on being more disciplined. Today is the fourth day of cleaning up my inbox for work, doing my daily Bible study, staying on track with homeschooling and working out! I’ve even found some time each day to knit! But the laundry just sits there! LOL Well, something’s gotta give! 😉

4 Thoughts on “New Nephew!

  1. Well thank goodness for the laundry! You couldn’t be for real if you were doing all of the hard stuff all of the time.

  2. Congratulations on your new nephew! :o) And on being more disciplined! It’s a constant struggle with me. I had a pretty good day, too. I had my Bible study, did well with homeschooling, kept my laundry caught up, but I didn’t work out! I need to sooo badly! Keep it up, Amy! You’re doing great!

  3. Congratulations! Congrats on the new family member and on how we’ll you’ve done the last 4 days. There just aren’t ever enough hours in the day, though, are there? I think the kids need a lesson in how to do laundry…….

  4. Good for you on the discipline part. I laughed at the laundry. I seem to always have to drop at least one of the balls even when I’m trying to have more structure. I literally can’t figure out how to make it work out even on paper. (sigh)

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