I really enjoyed this parody – However, I didn’t know who made it or if they’d be ok with me sharing it here. Then, someone on my homeschool group shared the following!

Tim Hawkins is a comedian who wrote the parody song “A Homeschool
Family”. Tim and his wife play the parents in the video, and four of
the kids are theirs – the rest are friends. (snip)

He has a DVD that has a hilarious bit on parenting and another on
homeschooling. His comedy is totally family friendly.

I hope you will check out his site – he is pretty funny!

3 Thoughts on “Video Friday “A Homeschool Family” (parody)

  1. Too funny! My side hurts from laughing.

  2. Aw man! I thought this was a real family!
    Oh well….it’s still funny…..

  3. LOL, that’s really funny!

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