Thank you all who have faithfully emailed me to let me know that you miss my posts and hope I’m doing well. Bottom line….I wasn’t. The end of February holds the anniversary of losing Joshua and then it seems I barely get my head back together and it’s May which holds his birthday – he would have been 2 this year. It becomes hard to write here because I require only truth of myself when I write..and the pain is just too hard to relive through writing. I hope you will forgive my absences from time to time and send up a prayer or two when I’m quiet.

Now for the good news!!

First: Eric has a new job!! He is teaching Fourth grade at Neighborhood Christian school in Dixon, CA He just finished his first week (3 days though) and loves it. He says the kids are great and the other staff and administration are awesome!! PTL!

Second: We are moving into a rental house!! Out of the apartments!! Yeah!! And, not only will we have a yard, but it’s a double lot, so it’s a HUGE backyard. When I can post pictures I’ll be sure to do that here.

Third: Well, there is no third, except we are so excited to see the Lord working in our lives! Not only to meet our needs over the last few years but to carry us through the pain and grief of losing Josh and now to meet our needs with a great job that Eric enjoys and a home where the boys can run and jump all they want!! Also, Eric and I are working with a team to start a new ministry at church and we are heavily involved in the 40 days of Purpose at our church this fall. More on all that soon!

For now I need to get offline and start my day – which means get some things packed for our move next week! Gosh, it feels great to share my praises, thoughts and heart here – thanks for listening!!

Love, Amy

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  1. Amy, I am so glad to see you back! I’ve been worried about you. I kept checking back every few weeks, to see if you had posted… I should have Emailed you, I am sorry. I am glad for you guys and your news of the new job and home…. Are you still homeschooling? When do you start? We’ll start the week after next. Have a great day!HugsJulie

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