Many of you know we have been having a very rough time in our home for many years.  We love our kids to bits, but they aren’t easy to parent.  Over time you start to believe that these struggles are your fault.  And this is reinforced by every book, every ‘helper’, everyone who doesn’t understand what you are living with.  Hell, you don’t understand it, how can someone outside your home understand it.

Yes, there are labels, but a label doesn’t come with a fix or an answer.  And, there are medications, but those don’t always help but might, in fact, cause bigger problems.

Sometimes I feel so alone.  I honestly quit sharing because I was tired of the ‘just love/pray/believe/do/try more’ comments.  And, then I stumbled upon some blogs during the darkest days that helped me realize I am not alone.

One of those blog writers wrote a blog this week that I really needed to hear.  You can read it here.  Today I am praying that the Lord takes away all the advice I’ve been given about parenting my kids from my mind and that I only hear Him.  That He removes all the guilt. And my need for resolution.  That He allow me to remember that I can’t do anything without His strength.  That I see this life as freedom and not bondage.  That I don’t worry about those helper voices who don’t live with my children and don’t realize how damaging their advice has been.

Please read the post if you want to understand. I can’t express my heart today.

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  1. I know our situations are different, but this resonates with me. It’s something I’ve been coming to truly understand recently. I can only control my actions and reactions and make sure that I am taking care of me to have the best me there is to deal with everything else. The books and people who think they have all the answers have long been abandoned. I do my best to love and teach my kids, but they’re their own people.

    Again, I know we have different struggles, and I don’t presume to know your shoes, but I think we’re both learning to let go of the need to blame ourselves.

    I hope that makes sense! *hugs, knitting, and chocolate* 🙂

    • Yes, that’s part of it – I am NOT to blame for the things my kids do and I am a good mom. I am letting go of the guilt because it’s not from God but from men. I need to keep my head in the right place and THEN try to parent my kids. Thanks for relating Trina! The downside of pulling in and hiding is that I am very alone! Miss you and Ashley loads! <>

  2. Amen, Amy! I think no matter what family situation we are in, for some reason we feel guilty for everything that goes wrong, whether we had any control or not. I am with you. I want to leave that guilt behind because it is unwarranted and I want to start each moment with a fresh canvas to let Him paint upon. Continuing to keep you in prayer daily, my friend.

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