Cast of Characters

Let me introduce my family….

  • Me – I like to read and knit. I’ve been a Christian for many years and love learning about and seeing the Lord work in our lives!

  • DH – aka Eric, aka The Hubs – a theologically-trained teacher of 5th graders at a Christian school. He loves astronomy, LOTR and playing with the kids! He is the funniest man I know. You can visit his webpages here and his blog here.

  • James – 21 – our oldest. He came to live with us when he was 16 mos old and completely turned our lives inside out! He is the one who can brighten the room just by smiling!

  • Jeremy – 19 – our middle son. He loves to create things from Legos and he loves movies.

  • J3 – 15 – my joy. He has a very tender heart for me and really works hard to make me happy.

  • Joshie – 5/29/02 – 2/22/03 – Our surprise! Our only pregnancy that the Lord allowed – and we were blessed to have him for those short mos. We are all still grieving his loss – you’ll hear a lot about that from time to time. We look forward to getting to know him someday.


  • JGirl – aka Sissy – 8 yrs old.  She has overcome so many challenges already in her short life! She is ALL girl and loves dresses and pink. What can you do?

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3 Thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. Hi Amy,
    This may sound so strange but I came across your web page today after googling info on my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. He has a class web site but I couldnt remember the site address so I had hoped that I could find it by doing a search. Her teacher’s name is Josh Osborn. The first thing that showed up was your announcement and tribute page to Joshie. I sobbed for your pain. I have been thinking about you and your family and praying that the Lord has lessened your grief over time. I still cannot imagine what your family has been through since your son’s passing. I hope it doesn’t sound too wierd for this complete stranger from southern California to be so engrossed in your story. But I did want to tell me how much your story touched me. Your family is beautiful and you are an amazing woman…that is evident! Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. Hi Amy!!

    It’s Irene ( pbw) from the fishbowl. I have been thinking about you alot and forgot you had a weblog. I saw the link through the fishbowl today and thought I would drop by. I was so excited to see you had another child, a little girl. She is so beautiful. You have such a wonderful family.

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and see how you and your family are doing. Think of you often. We are currently in our third appointment. Kevin is serving three churches again, but not as busy as our last place which was only two churches. We have two beautiful girls 13 months and 3 (4 in August). I don’t remember if we were still in contact after Emma was born or not?

    Anyway, glad to come across your weblog again!!

    Hope you have a great day!!

    Irene (pbw)

  3. Samantha on November 16, 2008 at 10:42 am said:

    Hi Amy!

    Wow it is sooo cool to see the Osborn clan in full swing! I knew you and Eric would be wonderful parents, it was very evident when you guys took care of us rowdy teens all those years ago. Jeez, how long has it been? I was 16, now 31……. so 15 years??? Could it really be THAT long??? Could I really be 31???

    I need more coffee……..

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