Most people reading this blog know that many years ago, when I first got online, I was a pastor’s wife who was desperately lonely. And, so I started an email list called, PastorsWives. Though I’m no longer apart of the email list or the website, much of my heart is still there with those ladies.

Today, I was send the following link via email: Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of PastorsWives – It’s so great to realize I had a part in this!

My sister and I are a great team – she is the baker and I’m the cleaner! LOL Today Beth and her kids came over for lunch and to visit – gosh, I wished she lived closer so it could happen more often! But at least we are within two hours of each other! Anyway, after lunch, we made some Rice Crispy Treats. And, we had an epiphany! As I’m demanding that we count out 80 marshmellows – we realized that maybe I don’t like to cook because I don’t let myself enjoy it! LOL

Actually I do like to cook – once I’m comfortable with the recipe. But otherwise I worry too much and stress out! So, we had a good time and lots of laughs! It was a good memory.

Too tired to write more! ‘Night all!

I’m officially brain dead! Got up early….and many hours later I can finally sit down and know that my daily quiet time, chores, homeschool lessons and MUCH more are done! Now I’m sitting here at this computer trying to get my brain cells to fire up so that I can work on the webpage. So many pages have been lost in the move! I KNOW they are on my computer, but I can’t find them! Argh!

One section of the site that I’m excited about is ‘Amy’s Kitchen’ which will feature all the hospitality/entertaining links that used to be on the Pastors’ Wives site as well as my favorite holiday/everyday and special day recipes. My DH and I love special days and this will be a great way to share what we love! BTW, my friend Tammie did all of the initial work on these pages for the PW site – and has a great website herself. I hope you check it out!

OK…maybe my brain cells need chocolate! Yeah, that’s probably it! LOL

Today DH was asked to preach – he tried to find other topics to preach on

but ended up preaching on “When the waters rise” basically he said that when

the tidal wave comes you need to already know how to swim. What you know

about and believe about God has to be enough when you are in trial. He used

the quote from CS Lewis “A Grief Observed” that we totally agreed with –

“You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or

falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you. It is easy to SAY you

believe a rope to be strong and sound as long as you are merely using it to

cord a box. But suppose you had to hang by that rope over a precipice.

Wouldn’t you then first discover how much you really trusted it?. Only a

REAL risk tests the reality of a belief.”

After that our church had a picnic – lots of fun, heat and fun. Someone was

pretty sly and brought three kittens who needed new homes – sure hope it

worked – but I thought it was pretty nasty trick! LOL

The youth group auctioned off the outhouses they’ve been terrorizing the

church with – one went for $140 and the big “Two seater” went for $430!!!

PTL!! I guess people are going to use them as backyard conversation pieces

and playhouses! LOL

Came home – took our Sunday nap – and now trying to plan our school stuff

for the week – update the checkbook and write bills – and do laundry! Ugh!

It was a good weekend!

Have you ever seen an Extreme sports show? You know, the guys who jump off buildings or dive out planes? Well, they get started somewhere – and today I saw a few of them!

Today was our second son’s last Tball game – and they’ve come a long way with a great coach. In the beginning, they would just watch the ball go by and the coach would have to tell them to run after it and throw it to first base. Now when the ball was hit, the WHOLE team would run up on it and try to get it – it was a wonderful thing to see!

And, then it got a bit wild! LOL And, my son and nephew were the worst!! It’s a bit embarrassing, but actually pretty funny! What happened was as the whole team would approach the ball, someone decided it was more important that THEY get the ball – even if it meant that the runner made it all the way around the bases before they quit tusseling. And, then they added falling down….sliding to catch the ball….tackling the teammate that got their first.

Ok…maybe it sounds bad. But all the parents and kids were laughing and having a good time with it…and the coach was doing his best to keep order – poor guy!