Last night, I was watching the election returns with my hubby – he loves politics and it was his birthday – and I saw a CHRISTmas commercial!  I was flabbergasted!  I’d say that I’d be sure not to shop there … if I only could remember WHAT they were advertising! lol

Of course, what can I expect since the school supplies in our local stores were replaced by CHRISTmas decorations – right alongside Halloween costumes. Wrong on sooo many levels!

If I’m not careful – I’m going to burn out on CHRISTmas before December and then we’ll be in trouble.

Taniel has posted a couple knitting quizzes – I took them all! 🙂
Knitting Addiction Quiz:

You scored 64%. You are a recreational knitter. Although other people accuse you of addiction, you are not addicted.  Nope. Knitting is just fun. You could quit any time. Really.

Crochet Quiz:

You scored: 8 / 10
Total points: 80
The average score for this quiz: 8 / 10

Knit Quiz: (pretty interesting history questions!)

You scored: 9 / 10
Total points: 90
The average score for this quiz: 5 / 10

No time for the last one – but it was fun! 🙂