I wanted to do the lesson, but I am still waiting to find the right pictures – I’m thinking a picture of my eldest as a toddler and now as a young man, but we’ll see.  So, here is what I have so far – just need to add the photos, some embellishments (depending upon photos I choose) journaling and it will be done! Learned so much on this one too!  JessicaSprague.com is definitely worth the money!


Wow! That was a bit scary! No template to follow! I started with a blank page and added papers, brushes and photo spots and clipped them in!  I wasn’t sure I could do it – but I did! I now know that if I see or think of something I want to make, I can do it! I’m not limited to the (wonderful!) templates that are out there! Not that I won’t still buy some to help me out – but I can do it myself if I want! 😀


…with each lesson!  And, she encouraged us to use our own picture today. Do you know how many years of albums there are without me in them?! My poor kids if I pass early – they won’t remember what I look like!  So, here is a recent(ish) picture of me (not today – taking today’s picture was just too much – does she know what a BAD hair day I am having?! lol) in a layout for our 2014 album:

JS-UR-L6-Web“Seen, Sometimes” and I promise to take more pictures of me for my kids. Anything for my kids! Even bad hair days!