Thanks to Cathie at – I was able to put all my January Project365 pictures into one digital page.

(click to see it bigger)

Yes, I realize that posting this right now reveals a secret or two (like I’ve preplanned my ‘daily’ posts and a gift I made for my Momma) but that’s life! Got to strike when the iron is hot – or while the preschooler is napping! 😉


I learned how to export a page so I could share it on my blog! :)  Yeah!! Now I can share more as I create them!

Next time I do this I’ll note where I got the template and pages.  I don’t seem to have that written down anywhere. I suspect they came with my Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus program.

Project 365 – Day 23, 342 to go!


When you give a mom a scrapbook she can’t get started because she needs to update her software.  Then she will need to reset all her settings to find all her papers and elements.

Then she will need to check online to see if there are any new digital packages that will work for her project.  She will find plenty and even buy a few….but none for her current project!

When you give a mom a scrapbook, she will then need to gather all her photos and try to find the journal entry where she wrote down all the notes and things she wanted to remember from her trip.

When you give a mom a scrapbook she can’t get started until she searches Facebook to see if anyone else took photos she might want to include in her scrapbook.

When you give a mom a scrapbook, it will take her so long to get organized that she will use up all her free time just trying to get organized!


But at least I’m organized now!  😉

So, what am I going to do with myself on my summer break?!

  • Work.  I still work for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  I’m blessed to work from home for them.  I’ve been working for them for a little more than 5 years now.
  • Knit.  I’m finishing a shrug for Sissy.  Then I have a lace stole for my mom I’m working on.  Finishing a winter sweater for me and then trying to decide on a lighter weight cardigan pattern to start next.
  • Cook. I’m trying to feed my family less processed foods.  I’m also challenged each week by the veggies in my CSA box.  It’s been lots of fun!
  • Quilt.  I’m still competing with Ashley & Trina with our Block of the Month.  I even made a page about it on my blog to help me track my progress.  I’m currently losing the bet!
  • Scrapbook.  Ok…really only guilt is making me add this one.  I NEED to scrapbook.
  • Geocache.  I hope we can make some time each week to Geocache.  Need to nag my Hubby I guess! 😉

I think I’m really going to enjoy my summer!