My one and only resolution for 2009 is to scrapbook more – digital scrapbooking to be precise.  To that end, I started a accountability group (see sidebar)  – anyone who wants to join us is welcome. I hope we can set monthly goals and encourage each other to keep them!

So, my goals for January 2009 are:

  • Scrapbook any Christmas pics I took – I’m afraid I don’t have many 🙁
  • Organize my pictures, embellishments, etc on my external hard drive
  • Find some tutorials for Photoshop


I’ve been using Gimp (free graphic program) for digital scrapbooking – or at least planning to use it! LOL But I’m seriously thinking about investing in Photoshop because so many tutorials are written for it! But I am confused. Do I want Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? or is that the same thing? What version should I get/avoid? I’m using Vista.