I have now ripped out three knitting gifts for Christmas. One complete and two in progress.  I’m SO frustrated and about to just dump the whole project!  This is minor, truly, but I can’t control anything else that is frustrating me, so i’ll stay focused on knitting.  🙁

I am so frustrated right now!  I finished my sweater but then Eric pointed out it would be more flattering if it was longer. Darn, but he was right.  And then I realized I would like to alter the neckline too.  But first the length!

So, I started to pull out the cast on edge. What a pain! It was almost two hours before I was done.  Then I started to knit, but the stitches were off a bit. Has anyone done this And have some advice for me? Maybe it is because instead of knitting from the bottom up, I am now knitting from the ‘top’ down?

I just pulled out an about 1 inch of knitting and I’m trying again, but it’s not looking any better. Grr.

Sorry, a day late!  But I’m thankful for thrift stores! I love them! I love second hand books!

Yesterday I found a cookbook especially made for food processors.  Yes, I know it’s just a tool, but I am the type of person who likes details. This cookbook looks like a great tool!  What should I learn to make first?  Hummus or Pesto?

I also found a knitting book of patterns! WOOT!  It’s called “Traditional Knitting Patterns from Scandinavia, the British Isles, France, Italy and other European Countries” by James Norbury.  It’s all in black and white, but that really helps you see the textures! I’m planning to try out some of these patterns in dishcloths.

For several years I’ve been meeting weekly with a group of knitters – we’ve met at various venues and on various nights. One of the consistent things about our group is that they always raise my spirits! Last week, Ruth had this bag of treats out for our enjoyment! We never opened the bag, it was just too cute! 😉

Project 365 – Day 83, 282 to go!

Saturday night, before the ER trip, Eric and I went to pick up a few things at Walmart.  I saw this bag and instantly could see that it would make a GREAT knitting bag!  And, it was only $10!! Sweet!

The inside had pockets and slots to hold various sized tools:

And, two separate pieces – a pocket to hold the little things I carry (stitch markers, tapestry needles, cable needles, etc)

and the other one opens up for other tools….but it works GREAT for some of my circs!

And, it doesn’t hurt that it’s purple! ;-)  If you want to find one of these for yourself….you can find them at Walmart in the automotive/tool area.  It’s made by Stanley and is for the Barbara’s Way tools.  It’s 12.2 x 9.05 x 5.51 inches in size.

Project 365 – Day 81, 284 to go!