…when I decided to start blogging again, I looked for daily topics to help motivate me….and I was happy to find one for every weekday (I plan to keep my weekends quiet) except for Tuesdays!  It’s not that there aren’t any linky’s or meme’s on Tuesday… but there aren’t any that fit me!  I kept looking for something and it just wasn’t there. And, I kept hearing a little voice saying “so start one!” And, I kept looking…and looking…and looking!

Of course, I realize the moment I post this, one of you will email me and you will know all about a linky that I would love – well, it’s too late! 😉

I sent an IM to my friend, CC, who listened to my crazy idea. She didn’t laugh or tell me to get off the internet and seek help!  She did, however, agree to help me create a button:


Isn’t it cute?!

Starting next Tuesday, I’m going to start Terrific Tuesday!

Terrific Tuesday is a chance for you to share about what you are currently excited about, what you love, who you love, whatever it is that is currently making you smile!  C’mon, there has got to be something! Look for it! We are surrounded by blessings!  Share them! This is heavily inspired by a feature on CC’s podcast “Geeky Girls Knit” which she does with her daughter Damaris, where they share their current “Yummies!” now we can share back!  (check out their podcast if you are a knitter who loves geeky stuff!)

There won’t be a lot of rules.  I just ask that you link to the specific post where you share.  You can save the image above and link back to the linky page (posted every Tuesday morning PST) if you would like!  No pressure, it’s all good! 😉 If you have any questions, please use the Contact Me page to send me a note!

I hope you will join me…I sure don’t want to be alone!

5 Thoughts on “So, here’s what I’m thinking….

  1. Perhaps I will manage to blog once a week on Tuesdays?

  2. momma on April 12, 2013 at 5:50 pm said:

    so do i have to wait until Tuesday??? Jimmy called today!

  3. Yay!!!!! Super fun. I just wrote in the show notes to remember to mention this on the next podcast. So wonderful to talk to you today!!!! Must do it more often. 🙂
    ❤ C.C.

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