Today I went to a class with my sister-in-law called “Babyproofing and Beyond” – it was a last minute thing since she didn’t have anyone else with whom to attend. So, I wasn’t really sure what I was in for! The first video opened with an ER scene – ugh. I did good though – I didn’t cry in public and thankfully my SIL was agreeable to not stay for the CPR instruction I knew I could not make it through that part!!

So, we went to lunch at Olive Garden after and then hit the new Bed, Bath and Beyond store. I’ve been carrying around a coupon for them forever and I finally got to use it! I finally replaced my 17.5 yr old crock pot!! LOL Can’t wait to use it!!

I’m going to be babysitting my SIL son after Christmas – it will be odd to have a baby in the house again, but I’m looking forward to it – on most days. 🙂 Also, I found out my brother and his wife are expecting! 🙂 Next summer there will be two babies around these parts! Can’t wait! Yes, there are parts of me who wish it was my turn and then I remember swollen ankles and midnight feedings and I’m ok with just being Aunty Amy 😉

After the first lesson we had homework!! I waited too long after the class to work on it and could NOT figure it out! But I finally figured it out!! You’ll notice 1/4 of it is missing – we haven’t learned that technique yet.

To make this, I put together some 4 patchs and then put them into a nine-patch. The dark blue is the background – the yellow is part of the tree trunk – the multicolor parts are leaves or blossoms I guess. This square (when finished) is called “Blossoming Tree”

1stpartblossomingtree (36k image)