I wrote this in August of 2003 – today is, again, one of those days:

08/12/2003 Entry: “Blanket of Grief”

I can feel the blanket covering me…

it affects everything I hear…

everything I say…

everything I see.

The blanket makes it hard

for me to enjoy life…

hard for me to care…

hard to do the simplest things.

There are times I feel that

I will be able to get out

from under the blanket,

but then I realize there

are times I don’t want to.

Somedays it’s too hard

to go on…

to enjoy life…

to care.

Those days I pull

my blanket over my head

and let the tears flow.

This is one of those days.

It’s Monday and all I wanna do is knit!! But I’ve got to get J2 through his school work (our CT comes tomorrow) and go to gymnastics and…well, maybe there will be more time than I first thought!

The new issue of Knitty is out today!! Click on the link in the sidebar to read the articles and see the new patterns!

Have a great day y’all – hopefully when I check back in, I’ll have gotten to knit something! 🙂

OH MY GOODNESS!! I never imagined how messed up my life would be just by being chosen for jury duty! But at least now I am done! But I’m sooo behind. Just off the top of my head, I need to do the following…

:: Secure the domain name and webspace for my new webclient – Senor Scott’s Salsa (website coming soon!)

:: Update the W.A.C.H.E. webpage

:: Everything else I do on a daily basis: homeschool J2, laundry, errands, life, more laundry, etc, etc, etc.

So, because I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t do anything! Well, that’s not true….I’ve been knitting and playing with my knitting blog. I need to get motivated …. or is it disciplined? Hmm…whatever it is…I need to get it!

Jury Duty is over!! And, my home is starting to look like my home again! Today I cleaned up my little knitting corner and I’m trying to get organized with all the various projects I’ve got going. January is going to be a very busy month! In addition to starting a knitalong, I’m also going to be teaching a Bible study, taking a quilt classes, and babysitting my 3mo old nephew…this in addition to the normal wife, mom and home educator stuff I normall do! Yikes!! When I look at it that way it’s pretty scary!! 🙁
Oh well, each day will come one at a time…and that will be the best way to take them! I’m hoping to add status bars for my various works in progress soon – hope it’s as easy as it sounds! 🙂

This weekend I searched and found a few knitalongs to participate in…I’m hoping I’ve not bitten off more than I can chew – we’ll see.

The first I joined (link is in the sidebar) is the Six Sox Knitalong. A group of knitters who will be knitting six different sock patterns. They started in June and should be starting pattern #4 very soon. This is the one knitalong that I’m a bit worried about…what if I’m too much of a novice?? But I’m not ashamed to ask for help so I know that I can figure it out….eventually! 🙂

The other is called Thingalong – using Jacqueline Fee’s sweater sampler from The Sweater Workshop book. We will make a thingamajobber 😉 that will teach everything we need to know to make sweaters. I’m really excited about this opportunity!!

Tomorrow it’s back to Jury Duty (sigh) but I’m looking forward to taking my sock I’m working on so the other two knitters can help me a bit. I’ve just got to get a little more done today so that I’m ready to turn the heel – that’s the part that has been messing me up!