“Your goal in reading determines the way you read.”

Most definitely! Since I want to soak up this book – I’m not reading it like I do an Agatha Christie. But rather I’m sitting here with a pen and notepad and scribbling down the things that I want to remember!

Such as:

The 4 levels of Reading:

(1) Elementary Reading (basic reading – ordinarily learned in elementary school)
“What does the sentence say?” (in the simplest meaning)

(2) Inspectional Reading (skimming or prereading)
It’s aim is to get the most out of the book within a given time … too little to get everything out of a book that can be gotten.
“What is the book about?”

(3) Analytical Reading (more complex and more systematic)
“What this book is mainly about”
Must ask many, and organized, questions
~~Analytical Reading is mainly for the sake of understanding~~

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”
~ Francis Bacon

(4) Syntopical Reading – most complex and systematic.
Comparative Reading

I think the only thing I read at level 3 and 4 anymore is the Bible. I’ve got some retraining to do!!

My stepmom sent me a fun letter about socks and I want to play! The way to play – you need to send one pair of socks to the first person on the list and then mail the letter to 5 new people. Then those 5 people will send out the letter to 5 people each and you will get 25 pairs of socks!! All for the cost of 1 pair of socks and 5 stamps! I want to do this – but between my stepmom, my sister-in-law and my sister – I’m not sure to whom I could send it!

So, I thought – blogdom!!! If you want to play, please email me and give me your mailing address! If there are more than 5 people who want to play, I’ll have to pick the first 5. (Or maybe we could start a second list) If you have questions, just drop me a note or comment!

C’mon – let’s play!!

I’ve been lack about blogging and posting pics – so here is a hodge podge post to catch up! 😉

J3 has discovered he is now old enough to climb Grandma & Grandpa O’s tree:

For about a month – we had a Venus Fly Trap plant – again, I.AM.NOT.A.GARDNER!

The boys and I missed church as J3 had a fever and DH could not do the speaking and keep an eye on the boys. So we stayed home, but we did head over to Grandma & Grandpa O’s (next door) and hunted eggs and had dinner:
Yes, he did eventually find it! lol
Yes, that’s me – it might have been sunny – but I was freezing!
J3 and J1 hunting
Carson is doing some “extreme” easter egg hunting!

When my Grandma died, we had to cancel our vacation plans, but that meant we could go to the Middle Earth Festival. Here, J2 and his friend, Joseph are enjoying this photo opportunity with a Ring Wraith!
and admired a very tall dwarf:

The boys dressed up for my Grandma’s funeral
They don’t look like it in this photo – but they really enjoyed being so good looking!
Here is J2 and C1:

My mom and I started to work in my yard on Sunday afternoon….then Monday morning…and then I finished it up this morning. It’s best to work in the yard at 6am since there is no direct sun yet!

We planted impatients in the front and mom gave me an Aloe Vera plant from her yard:

She also took an old pot with something dead in it (lol I am NOT a gardner!) and put a jade and some Hens & Chicks in it. It now sits proudly on my front step:

Then in the backyard – ugh, what a job! We had a VERY overgrown area with Bermuda Grass at least 12 inches high. We dug it all out as well as some other plants to which I was not attached! However, we did keep the Lavendar bush – but we cut it back quite a bit – and some plant I bought two years ago that is finally growing. I wish I could remember what type of plant it is exactly! lol (again, not a gardner, remember? lol) We planted six strawberry plants, a lemon cucumber and three tomatoes. I probably put the tomatoes too close together – but I was worried that one or more might die and… frankly, I was running out of room!

Here’s a couple of pics:

I joined a Reading Partnership this week. The first book we are reading is called “How to Read a Book” by Mortimer Adler. I totally scoffed at the title the first time I read it – but three chapters later I’m really enjoying it. I’m taking notes as I read and posting them on the Reading Partnership blog – but I’m going to post them on my blog too. Since others are commenting too – I’m not sharing everything I learn, just the things that haven’t been shared yet or that I was to particularily highlight!

I am an avid reader…I read anything and everything! However, in the past few years I find I’m skimming more than reading. I think it’s due to the internet and other ‘easy’ informative avenues. Why excercise my brain to gather information when I can drink at the firehose of the internet!

So, as I started this book – it is with a bit of fear of not finishing or worse yet, not comprehending. The first chapter seemed to be written just for me!! When I consider this book was first written in 1940 – well, think how much easier “information” is to gain now. But understanding – ah, now that is a different story! I can quickly tell you how much the oil prices are today – but understanding WHY the oil is that much money – that takes some more work!

Since the other ladies have covered so much of what I was struck by – I wanted to share something else I found interesting. The author said, “we can learn only from our “betters”. We must know who they are and how to learn from them.” For some reason that has made me pause everytime I reread it. I think I really need to better consider who I’m learning from – and, online, who knows who wrote something!

I really like the idea that “being informed is prerequisite to being enlightened.” Doesn’t that sound so much like how we teach our children!