I saved up some time this morning to check out http://www.time4learning.com and now my computer won’t let me view it! I’ve tried IE and Firefox…the webmaster says it’s working great this am…my friend says she can see it just fine…and I’m getting more and more frustrated! I’ve shut down my computer….unplugged my modem….I don’t have any kind of net nanny program on this computer. And, yet I still can not access the page. It keeps saying “Page taking too long to load”! Anyone have an idea how I can get it to work??

Sorry I haven’t written sooner – it was due in part to needing to process my thoughts and in part because we’ve had company. My Dad and Stepmom are here for their biannual visit. It’s nice to be distracted at a time like this.

The test results were and were not a surprise. Basically, J2 is about 2 years behind his age – both academically and psychologically. That was not a surprise. However, hearing it confirmed was still hard. Their recommendation is that he be enrolled in a special day class in the public school system. I really think that would be a bad idea for him. But I’m not sure I have my husband’s support (edited to clarify – I mean–I think we aren’t on the same page about J2’s education.).

Through the help of the Christian Home Educator’s email list – I found out about a private school in the Bay Area that gives support and curriculum consultation services to parents of special needs kids who want to keep them at home. I’ve applied for their waiting list, but I have not heard from them yet.

I’m glossing over lots of details…lots of pain….maybe I’ll talk about it more later. Right now I just need to keep praying and letting the Lord speak to my heart. I covet your continued prayers!

Today at noon, we go to hear the results of J2’s Academic and Psych testing. Based on what the psychologist shared with me after the psych testing, I think it’s going to be very bad news. I’ve tried to prepare myself….but can one really prepare for something like this?

Please pray for me, who tends to shut down with bad news. Please pray for my husband, who tends to freak out and “mobilize for action” when presented by things like this. **as you can see – we are not on the same page when bad news comes** Please pray for us as we communicate with these people. Please pray we will be given wisdom to understand what we are told and the ability to discern what is valid and what is not.