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You have to open the book you’re currently reading on page 161 and read the fifth sentence on the page, then think of 5 bloggers to tag with.

Well, I’m going to use Mr. Darcy’s Diary – even thought I finished it, I have not started a new book yet.

“The manner was formal but, I prided myself, not stiff.”

(there’s that Pride thing again! 😉
The five Bloggers I will tag are:

Lauren, Theresa, Michelle, CC and Cindy

Probably like most homeschoolers, we visit our library weekly. I love to read, but lately I haven’t found anything about which I’ve been excited. Until last week. Last week I discovered Mr. Darcy’s Diary and Mr. Knightley’s Diary by Amanda Grange.


I can’t speak for more in the series (Capt. Wentworth, Edmund Bertrand) as I have not read them. But the two I read were wonderful! I enjoyed a glimpse into our hero’s thoughts and actions. In the case of Mr. Darcy, we start to read his diary just as he sends Georgianna to Ramsgate.

Also, my friend Kate suggested Elizabeth Gaskell (sorry – Amazon is the easiest for me to link). I had watched the movie “Wives and Daughters” and have “North and South” on my Netflix queue, but I haven’t read them yet. So, I’m waiting on them from the library.

What are you reading?

First, let me say that I love, love, love my library.  I love libraries in general…but my local library puts up with our knitting group for 2+ hours each week!  Yes, we are down in the small conference room – but one or more of them always pop in to see what we are knitting each week.  Someday I dream that we can teach one of them to knit but until then I was tickled to find this article online – do you think I should give them a copy?  I’m sure they read the Library Journal – I did and I was only a lowly assistant!

 Knitting in a Digital Age

So, Ruth and I joined SAM4 KAL – that’s Sock A Month #4 Knit along – and we’ve been amazed at people who are already DONE with their August socks. So, we challenged each other – well, she challenged me anyway 😉 – to get started today! So here is my proof:


The toes are done on some sock for J3 using Night Lights Superwash Merino from Cavyshops.
And, look!! Birthday books are already here!!!!


My Dad and S-Mom sent me $$ for my crappy birthday (you can read about that on my other blog eventually) – and I bought books!! Knitting Books!!  Now I’m eagerly awaiting these titles:

Can’t wait to get them!!!  Now I’m off to whine on my other blog about my crappy birthday.  Sigh.