I’m not a monogamous knitter – I like different knitting projects for different moods!  For instance, when I’m stressed – it’s a sock or a dishcloth I want to knit!  That is why I am actually sharing four works in progress today – not just one – on this first time I am posting for Works in Progress Wednesday!  Next week I’ll only post whatever I was able to knit on during this week – that is assuming I get some knitting time!

First up is my second February Lady.  If this one doesn’t fit well, I will never make it again! Using Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep.  I started this on March 28, 2013 and I hope to have it done this month for a UFO project for a knitting group on Ravelry.


Second are socks for Hubs.  The pattern is Time Traveler Socks and the yarn is Cascade Heritage solids. I started these on March 18, 2013.  Turns out the brown is really hard to knit. 🙁  But I will continue on because I think he will love them!


Next is an Alpaca Wrap.  The yarn is some Alpaca I had in my stash and the pattern is Herringbone Lace Wrap.  It is really hard to see the pattern and I’m seriously considering frogging it and doing something simpler as it’s just not worth the effort.  I started this project on Feb 17, 2013 and it might be ignored for the summer so it’s either knit it now or put it away until next Fall.  (picture looks light grey, but it’s black)


Last, is my Zora.  It was a great knit but all I need to do now is finish it!  Ugh.  I hate sewing! I used Knit Picks Essential Tweed, colorway Ash Tweed.  I started it on May 26, 2010 (yes, you read that right!)  I really want to finish it but ugh.  Here it is – back, two sides, and two arms.  They need to be blocked (hard to do in this house) and then sewn up and together.  From now on – ONLY seamless sweaters will be knit by me!


(you can click all images to see them bigger)

So, what about you?  Share your Works in Progress! I wanna see!!

Want to feel like you have accomplished something even on your busiest day, then knit these:


They are called Grandma’s favorites and depending upon how many you cast on, you can knit one in less than an hour. I did these two while catching up on some tv shows yesterday. You can find this pattern here.

On the other hand, if you have a bit more time, knit this one:


It is easier than it looks and lots of fun. It makes for a great pot scrubber too! The pattern can be found for free here.

Took some photos with my iPad (thus not best quality) of my knitting projects. Here is what I am currently working on…


Just finished … A wrap, a gift. Still needs to be blocked.


Socks…neglected, sadly.


A throw, to knit when I am cold.


Another wrap, another gift.


A stole for me. Some very squishy alpaca.

Info on all these projects (pattern, yarn, etc) cam be found on my Ravelry.com page.

sorry, no idea why pics are upside down. Very weird.

Today I was in public and waiting.

I had forgotten my knitting.

I had forgotten my book.

I was bored!

But then a lady walked in to the building with a very interesting sweater.  I was mesmerized by the construction and trying to figure out how it was put together, what type of yarn it was and if I could reproduce it.  It was beautiful!

However, she must have thought I was being rude because she gave me a dirty look and turned her back on me. Of course, that just gave me a great view of the back of the sweater! lol

Next time I’ll remember to bring my knitting!  Can’t take me anywhere!