I have had company most of the week, so knitting has not been a priority…but there was a little bit of progress!
Do you see it? Another button hole! Woot! 😉 This is a February Lady Sweater being knit in Cotton Fleece

Also, I cast on the 2nd sock for the test knit I did for my friend, CC. They are Doctor Who inspired and called “Rescue Me Chin Boy, and Show Me The Stars” and I’m using Paton Kroy sock yarn.

6 Thoughts on “Works in Progress Wednesday

  1. I’ve never got round to knitting a FLS, really should one of these days lol. Liking the sock so far too 🙂

  2. Love the colors in your sock yarn, and must check out the sweater pattern. Looks interesting, but not sure I understand what you mean by a bullet hole?

  3. lol….no clue why I thought I saw bullet.

  4. Your sweater looks great! The socks are going to be lovely. The yarn is so pretty.

  5. One buttonhole, one row at a time and so it’s done.

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