I just took J3 out to lunch for our semi-annual End-of-school year celebration. He spent most of the time telling me about a book he wants to write this summer with his friends. It will be an expanded version of a D&D game they played.

Then after we returned home, he called his friends and there was talk of back stories and additional characters. I am so impressed!

You might not be impressed, but do you know that this kid reads at maybe a 2nd grade level and writes at maybe a first grade level? He isn’t going to let that stop him from having the life he wants to lead. He was telling me about technology which will take his spoken words and put it into text. And he has great friends who accept him as he is and enjoy being with him!

A few years ago he tried to kill himself, because he was so frustrated with his limitations and now he is telling me how he isn’t going to let his disability keep him from doing what he wants to do! I am am so proud of him!

3 Thoughts on “Wow. Just wow.

  1. momma on May 17, 2013 at 4:55 pm said:

    Amy, you deserve many kudos for hanging in there with Jer, and keeping him going, encouraged, learning, and without angst in the process. He is such a cool kid, and really fun and funny ~ I’m so proud of you, Amy!!

  2. Way to go Jer!!!

  3. the husband on May 17, 2013 at 6:34 pm said:

    He spoke to me about that too…I was awed and amazed that he would want to do this. You know, DnD inspired a huge burst of learning and creativity in my life in high school too. My exposure to a bigger world changed me forever.

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