Terrific Tuesday is a weekly chance to share what you is making you smile. Maybe it’s a person or a thing or even an idea! Post about it on your blog, come back here and link up your post so others can see what we think is Terrific on Tuesday! 😀 And, please tell your friends so they can join us!

Normally I post this first thing in the morning, but I had a deadline I needed to meet before I could blog. In fact, now I am so tired that I am a bit discouraged and listening to that voice in my head that says ‘why bother? No one will read it.” But then I remember that I need to write this post to keep those thoughts at bay. If I think on positive, happy things, I will remain positive. So today here is a quick list of things that make this Tuesday Terrific:

  • leftover chicken in the fridge, just enough to make a family favorite without a lot of prep!
  • tonight is knit night!
  • no new bills in the mail
  • tomorrow I plan to get in the water to exercise! I so love the water!
  • my little house and my little family
  • a great collection of books to be read and about an hour and half to do just that!

I am blessed!

So, what about you? Remember – Don’t make this too hard. You can write a book about your blessings or just share a photo or a quick note about what made you smile this week. No rules! ok…one rule. Please link to the actual post and not just to your blog.

If you have ANY questions about any of this – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hope you smile today!!

4 Thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday – 5/28/2013

  1. Very encouraging honey. I too am finding it easy to praise God for lots of things today: 1) that the knighthood ceremony is over & went well, 2) that the pool is up now and everything seems to be working around the house 3) that the school year is almost over (not quite 3 weeks to go), 4) that I get to pick up J1 in Sac. and bring him home tomorrow.

  2. Hi Amy! I wanted to pop over and say I’m reading! 🙂 It’s amazing how much setting our minds on good things can change our perspective, huh!? I know I haven’t been around Hello Mornings, but I’m still keeping up with you! Anyway, God bless. Maybe (if I wake up on time and get my writing finished tonight) I’ll see you on twitter in the morning!

  3. Last week of the school year! Great Bible study tonight. Love the weather last two days.

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