I tried to look back to see when my last real update was and I can’t even find it! Crazy!

Our summer was good and though we didn’t travel, it was full! And, now our Fall appears to be just as busy!  So, I thought, rather than scrapbooking today, I would do an update on each of us! So, here we go!


Let’s start with our youngest, Sissy!  She turned 6 this summer!  Last Spring we decided that she needed to redo Kindergarten.  And, then this summer we decided she need to attend Daddy’s school, Neighborhood Christian school.  She started on August 14 and is thriving! She is learning at an appropriate level, is LOVING what she learns about God and is excited to leave every morning with Daddy!  In her spare time, she loves to watch Spy Kids movies (over and over and over!) and practice riding her bike! She wants the training wheels off, but we think a bit more practice is a good idea!


J3 is 12.5 now and we are planning his Squire ceremony (signaling his last years of childhood – time to start practicing the skills to be a man!)  We started homeschooling him again this year with the charter school, South Sutter, and he is doing well.  He loves all things science and anything to do with cooking.  He has asked for cooking tools for his birthday. 🙂  He is finishing up the Hunger Games trilogy and still loves Minecraft!  Often you can find him watching YouTube videos to learn how to cook something or build something in Minecraft!

20130802_162218J2 will be 17 in a number of days! He is still homeschooling with South Sutter, volunteering for a local ministry, and mowing lawns.  He just opened his own savings and checking account and loves planning his purchases!  He loves playing various Xbox games with his cousins and other friends.  But he also loves to get on his bike and go!  He loves the freedom that his bike allows him.  We were talking about helping him get his license but I think it might be cheaper if we wait until he turns 18!

20130818_201806J1 is 18 and living in the Sacramento area with friends.  This picture is from a visit in August and when he got cleaned up for a job interview.  I’m not sure if he followed up on it, but we are praying he keeps looking.  That August visit was really great and things seem to be going so much better for him.  I am trying to keep my hopes up and staying as prayerful as I can be.  I miss him.


Hubs and I went to this Castle winery this summer for the day – kid free! – and had a blast!  Here is the website – Castello di Amorosa –  You should go visit! You can see more pictures here!

He is still teaching 5th grade at NCS and loving it!  I am still working for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine from home.  Almost 10 yrs!  This summer I became the Director of Advertising Sales.  I love it!  Lots of work, but SUCH a great group of people who are excited to help other homeschoolers!

This fall we are going to do some work on our home – replacing the nasty tub and painting it.  I wlll try to be sure and blog about that experience!  I have to cut this shorter than I expected so I will write a WHOLE other post about what is going on – or not – in my knitting life! It was my birthday in August, so I got lots of new yarn! 😀

2 Thoughts on “A Real Update

  1. Oh my goodness, 10 years at TOS? Wow! That is quite an accomplishment. I’m loving working there now. You are all so nice.

    Love the pics of your family, you have beautiful kids. Glad you got to have some time by yourself with your husband, that is always fun. I knit a little, but prefer crocheting. Once the weather gets a little cooler, I’m sure I’ll be picking up my hook more. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the up-date…it’s so easy to get lost in my own life, let alone keep up with others’ lives.

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