First, knitting news! I turned the heel!! And, I’ve picked up the stitches!!! Up next the gusset!!! I’m sooooooo excited! I don’t wanna eat, I don’t wanna clean, I don’t wanna do anything but knit! Sadly, I still live in reality! ;/

On the homefront…we are having a BBQ tonight with my mom, MIL, FIL, sister, BIL, nephew and two nieces. My BIL is going to help me a bit with this yard…what to keep, what to dig up…where to put a small garden…etc. I can’t wait.

Well, I hate to make this so short….but I really want to finish that sock!!! 🙂

Sorry I’ve been gone – sickness has hit our house! 🙁 Mainly sniffles, but poor J3 has had a fever, an ear infection and two different antibiotics over the last week and a half. I’ve been hit by killer allergies – hoping the new meds I bought will give me some relief. My allergies mainly affect my eyes – they weep so much it looks like I’m crying! Thus, not much knitting is getting done!

On the good side, I’ve finally found a schedule that allows for us to get all our school work done AND still handle life’s little emergencies! We are starting school at about 7:30 each morning. Often we are done well before 10am! So far we’ve not missed a day! And, I’m doing more work for TOS – I love the projects they give me!! Such fun! 🙂

Well, I’d better get back before my ‘student’ notices I’m missing! 😉

One of the things I do to to deal with my grief is stay busy! 🙂 And, knitting has been a great gift for that! And, those who know my in real life know about my obsession of purses – but I never pay very much for them or it’s no fun!

So, I have seen some CUTE felted bags out there – but I have no idea how to begin! If I wanted to start cheap – ie get the products from JoAnns or Michaels – what yarn do I buy? Any tricks? I’d be very grateful if you would leave a comment about how to get started with felting – but cheaply! I don’t want to invest too much unless I know I like it. 🙂

Today is the second year since we lost our son Joshua at 8 mos old.

If he were still alive he’d be 2 1/2 years old. He and J3 (4) would either be the best of friends or the biggest rivals – and that would probably alternate.

If he were still alive I’d still be changing diapers.

If he were still alive DH might still be working at the university.

If he were still alive I wouldn’t have this lost feeling.

But he’s not. Two years…and I still have to remind myself that he’s not coming back. Two years…and I still can’t allow myself to look at the pain for very long. Two years…and I still wish I could turn back time and done something….anything right and still have him here with us.