As is my fashion, I’m working on several things at once…

…I’m trying to learn how to knit socks for everyone in the family


…I’m working on a child’s sweater for my niece which will help me learn how to follow a pattern

Both of these projects are intended to help me reach my goal of knitting personalized Christmas stockings like my Grandma did when she was alive. We can not find the pattern she used, but the link to the left is very, very close! I feel I need to know how to follow a pattern and knit socks before I try the first stocking. So far I have about half a dozen family members waiting for a stocking!! Yikes!!

Today, I’m praising God that…

…my mom and MIL are friends – they are having lunch together and I just took them a few butterscotch chip cookies. 🙂

…my DH has a job he loves. Today he dressed up like Martin Luther and did a monologue for Chapel. They want him to do more!! 🙂 And, they will help him get the costume. PHEW!!

…for my sons. Who keep me young and make me feel old all at the same time.

…Joshie died when he did. We were able to enjoy him and never be cross with him. He showed us, in a way we will never forget, what is truly important. He never had the opportunity to not choose Jesus and eternal life. He is waiting for us and we’ll be spending eternity for him.

Puddling, but still joyful!

So far this morning I’ve got two fed (it’s only 7:15am here PST) and dressed and one still under the covers! Pretty soon DH will leave for school (he teaches 4th grade) and take our oldest (3rd grade) with him. That will leave our first grader and preschooler here with me.

Today, besides the usual housework, laundry and schoolwork (BTW, we are LOVING our new curriculum!!) I hope to do a little baking and finish my quilt homework. This week at class we learned how to applique – we are doing 4 6″ blocks of appliqued hearts – but I only have two done. We also need to applique the handles on our baskets from a previous lesson. ALSO, I’m still trying to catch up with last week’s lesson!! The homework for that lesson involved templates and I’ve just been dreading it so I put it off. Only three more lessons!! I’m so glad I did this though!

Well, I’d better quit typing about my day and get busy in it! I enjoyed reading about everyone else’s days!!

Not only am I starting J2 on this new school program (Visions in Education Charter school) which means new curriculum….but I’m finally getting hardcore with J3 (3) on potty training! What was I thinking!!

Today J3 is wearing underwear and plastic pants and he actually told me he had to sit on the potty before he went – thus earning himself a Jelly Belly. If he goes in the potty, then he gets a how bag (about 10) of Jelly Bellies. Unfortunately this morning he couldn’t go after sitting down – wonder if all the commotion had something to do with it – but as soon as we all went back to our activities, he went in his pants. But it’s all progress!! I can’t wait until he figures it out though – it will be so nice to not have to buy or change diapers anymore!!

J2 was not thrilled with his Sing, Spell, Read, Write curriculum at first – he thought the songs were for Kindergartners, but as we got going with the songs, he finally got onboard. After playing SoundO (a form of Bingo) and a matching game like Go Fish, he was sold and can’t wait to ‘play’ again! LOL

I doubt I’ll get my homework done today from last week’s quilt class – and tonight we are learning applique! I hope I get some time next weekend to catch up!!

Oh, before I close….I wanted to share that J1’s homework time is finally getting better – PTL!! Thank you all for your prayers! I really covet them…we seem sooo busy lately I barely have time to sit and knit anymore! 🙁 But I hope things calm down again…I need that down time!!

I was looking through some pics over the last year and thought I’d share them with you….

First, just two weeks ago, we hosted a Sweet 16 Luau party for our niece, Annika. Her Aunt Annie did a great job on the party! Here is Annika (in the middle) with some of her friends…

Second, here is a pic from Easter 2004 – J1, J2 and Carson (cousin) are dying (dyeing??) eggs

A friend of my mom gave her this sign – I love it!

Here is Uncle Kevin helping J2 learn how to ride a two-wheeler — it worked too! 🙂

Here is Eric and his Dad, at the Luau, admiring each other’s yard! LOL