You might have noticed I moved a few things around. I found a new tag board that will hopefully be working more often (hmph!) and a few new cliques – Christian Mama and Thankful Thursday! I hope you will surf them and enjoy them! Of course, I just joined and This Thankful Thursday is Thanksgiving and I won’t be home!! 🙁 Maybe I’ll try to post before I leave town!

I’ll try to post later about some of the things we are doing this week. Working on the webpages today so not alot of time!

Did you know that you can only do cannonballs in the water?!? I thought EVERYONE knew that. However, it is now apparent that boys who are 8.5 may not! I had to start my day by taking the subject 8.5 yr old ~aka J1~ to the DR today. And, he’s getting to heavy to carry all over!! LOL

Tonight we are taking J3 (2) and J2 (7) to “Disney on Ice” at the Arco Arena. Someone ~some generous person who doesn’t want us to know who they are ~~Thank you again if you are reading this~~ gave us 4 tickets and even some money for parking and treats!

Tomorrow night is Eric’s birthday party ~He’s going to be 40~ and we’ll be having a costume party with our family and a few of our friends. Funny ~ the room we are using for the party can only hold 50 and it was hard to leave people out! Oh, I’m sooooo glad we are home again!

I’ll try to post tomorrow about our party plans ~ I have some great appetizer recipes I’m going to try and I’ll share the recipes too! 🙂

We had a good time at Faire – I was able to help in the ‘traditional school’ – teaching kids how to make baskets and ragdolls – and learn about a few period handwork projects myself. I’m talking to another lady about working out something we can teach the patrons easily….we are doing research right now. Personally I think blackwork is beautifu!! Eric’s schoolmaster gig was well received and even some patrons joined his ‘classes’ on the constellation and the field trips.

One funny note…J3(2) and J2(7) stayed with Grammy. During one phone call to Grammy she said, “J3 is saying more words now! He can say bandaid….but you don’t want to know why!” LOL That cracked me up all day! And, I still don’t know why! hmm.

Off to take a nap with J3 – so tired!

Sorry I’ve not been updating. Eric did indeed lose his job. Feels like we are starting over but we are trying to remain peaceful and leave our worries in the Lord’s hands. We knew that job was temporary…but I was really praying for some peace and stability. I’m not sure we’ll EVER have that. Maybe that will be one of the trials of living a life for the Lord.

I’ll try to update more starting next week. It’s hard to keep to our schedule when Eric is at home with us!

Life seems to be such a struggle. My Dh’s job is not secure and he is making some tough decisions about our life and how we are going to continue. And, I’ve found I’m very angry. So, I’m trying to deal with it since I need to be a team player…not part of the problem.

So, today I found a moment to pull out my journal and only-using-it-on-Sunday-cause-it-makes-me-cry-Bible (how’s that for a lame excuse?). After journaling for awhile I knew I needed to be back in the Word – but had no idea where to start – I asked the Lord to lead me where I would learn more about His characteristics. My Bible fell open to Psalm 27 and as I read it….I got very excited when I read the last two verses:

“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.”

I was even more encouraged when I re-read it….David is looking for the Lord’s goodness in THIS life. Not a platitude about our rewards are in heaven, etc. He has faith that the Lord will reveal Himself here on this earth. David encourages us to wait, be strong, let our hearts take courage. That’s where I am right now. Trying to wait and be strong!