I found this on Sara’s blog – I was almost sure I was picking the color, but the pattern really appears to me too! And, the results seem to be pretty right on!

Your Brain’s Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You’re also good at connecting people – and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.

We are traveling up to Oregon to see a friend who has just a few short months left and has asked to see the boys. We met him 11 yrs ago – the first day of our first pastorate when he walked into Eric’s church office, still half-drunk, and told Eric that his wife and kids had left him and he needed help. What an intro to the pastorate!
We were priviledged to see him accept Christ’s salvation, get sober, have his marriage restored and so much more! For a time he was our “Manny” and took care of our young boys until I was able to be home fulltime. Eventually we moved away and they moved to the Coast as CEF missionaries.
Now his old life has done it’s damage and soon he will have a new perfect body! We’ve not seen him since Joshie’s funeral – 2.5 years ago. Please pray for us to travel safe and have whatever fellowship we are allowed with our friend.

I’ve been sick – so I just get online, do what I need to do and go back to my recliner! I’m making sure I take care of everything in the house – but after that and my work for TOS – I’m just dead tired.

One good thing – I’m getting lots of knitting done though – I hope to take pics and share them soon! And, I’ve got pics of my boys to share – but until I feel better – this is all you get! Take care y’all!

Today our Certified Teacher, Brandy, came to visit J2 and I for the start of our year. We went over TONS of paperwork and figured out the next few weeks of our lesson plans. It’s nice to have it done even though we really enjoy Brandy. It’s nice to have someone else checking on J2 and helping us see his progress.

Today I also talked to the bus department about transporting J3 to his special ed preschool (speech and a bit of OT)- they wanted to pick him up 1 hr and 25 mins before his class started – at 7:05AM! Then, when his class is over it will take 50 mins to get home. 🙁 I talked to DH and we decided to take him ourselves (well, I will anyway) and then let him ride the bus home. We’ll see how that goes for a week or so – we can always change it. With the cost of gas and trying to get J2s schoolwork, classes and speech therapy done – I was really hoping the bus would work out. But I simply can’t ask him to do that.

After that morning I decided to finish knittng the dishcloth I was making for a friend – but then I ran into bobbles! Oh my, I have never knit a bobble before! It was a challenge to say the least! But I conquered it and I’m starting #2. I’ll try to take pictures soon!

More Knitting News: SP 5 is done! My secret Pal, Nikki, (argh – I only have her URL in my office – I’ll edit this later with her link) sent me my last box of goodies! She sent me YarnHarlot’s book – yeah!! – some charms for my watch – some PURPLE yarn for felting and a pattern for a purse – can’t wait to start!

Well, this laptop battery is probably going to die soon – I’d better post this now. 🙂