Well, there is nothing like a challenge to get my motivated! LOL I was reading my favorite knitting blogs and noticed a challenge in Violet’s blog – to ME!!! So now I’ve got the motivation needed to work on my thing again. And, time to start thinking about what I want to make for my “Son of the Thing”!

Also, I’m taking part in the February Flower Exchange! February – being the anniversary of Joshie’s death – is a hard time for me. When I heard about this I thought it would be a great idea to keep my hands busy during a month where I normally just become catatonic. So, I’ll be making flowers for my buddy and posting pics here. I hope this is an annual event….who doesn’t need a pick-me-up in February!!

So, now I’m motivated again! Phew!!

Tonight we went to my SIL’s for my nephew’s 13 bday. As we left each of the boys was given a balloon filled with helium. J2 (8) was running around and didn’t realize his balloon became untied. It was quickly too high for anyone to reach. Someone told J2 – “You shared your balloon with Josh.” (meaning the balloon was headed to heaven). J2 was not consoled by this thought. J3 (4), ever the peacemaker said “Maybe Josh will send it back.” Oh, were it just that easy!

We gave a quick lesson about heaven – but as it is so hard for us to understand….I’m sure they don’t really understand. I know J3 firmly believes that Josh is playing with a balloon with Jesus….and maybe he is. 🙂

HOW CAN IT BE SATURDAY AGAIN??!?! I’m so frustrated! I have so much to do and that’s not counting what I *want* to do! I want to knit and quilt! But I have to clean and cook and …. all those things that keep our home and family going forward.

And, to make matters worse….I have a tooth ache. I’m going to have to go to the dentist next week. So now I have to find out what our insurance covers and who I can see. Yes, I’m whining….does it come through the type written word too?

I’m going to do my best to get my work done and get some knitting done today – hold me accountable ok? If I don’t then someone needs to come over here and make me knit! Gosh, I hate living in the real world! LOL

Sorry I’ve been quiet again. I started babysitting my nephew this week. I forgot how tiring it is to have a young one around. After Josh died I was sure I wanted another baby….but now I realize that part of that was trying to replace him and that’s simply not possible. I’m ready to move into a new season of life…not sure what that season will be like, but I’m looking forward to it.

On the knitting front, I’m at the part of “The Thing” where I’m adding a cardigan edge (?is that right?) well, it’s just confusing. My socks are still there but I’ve no had time to play with them. I knit a bit more of DHs afghan last night while watching a Rock Hudson movie – yummy! I’d like to finish SOMETHING but life is just too busy to give more than just a few minutes here or there to these projects. Oh well, I enjoy working on them and am not sure what I’d do next anyway! 🙂

I’ve joined a few fun things lately….Fiber RAOK, Secret Pals 4 and February Flowers – I’ll try to post links to all of those things asap. Maybe after church tomorrow!

Happy Knitting!