I’m going to Natomas to meet a few PWs and their kids today! I’m jazzed.

Sometime today or Monday we find out if DH gets that temporary teaching position – I’m hoping so!! He got another job offer last night for 6 (maybe 10) more hours of afterschool work….added to the 4 hours he already was asked to do and that would be 10-14 hours after school. So even if the full-time position falls through, we will be ok….until June. Everything is ….until June – I have NO idea what will happen after that. SOOOO scary!

But I think all this has made us realize that Eric really must enroll in the certification program – there are job opportunities out there and we wouldn’t have to move! PTL! We’ll need to look into financial aid as soon as possible. I need to keep reminding myself that this education can’t possibly cost as much as Seminary did. I just hoped we could have paid off Seminary before making another change! We got so close! :/

What else? I might be quiet this weekend. I need to work on a meal plan for this new way of eating (see my new blog for upcoming details – Step By Step) and figure out my other goals (excercise, water intake, etc).

I’ve gotta get off this computer and dry my hair! Talk to you soon! Hey! Write back – via comments or tags so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself!!!

Debi – thank you for the great note! I’m going to be emailing you as soon as I can!! Love you!

Oh my word! It’s Thursday – I totally forgot! Thanks Valarie for the reminder! LOL

Here is what I’m thankful for right now….

…this potential job for DH. And, the possibility that it could be permanent. It’s so nice to have hope again!

…my children – who are fighting over a toy. And, that they have toys to be fighting over!

…even though I hate it…I’m thankful for this apartment – where my family can live, fight 🙂 and love!

DH has a part-time (temp through May – but longer if the funds come in) job as the Director of Development for our local crisis pregnancy group. He’s also been substituting at the local schools. And, doing some intercession (teaching during breaks) and in Feb will start an after school program with some jr highers.

For the last three days or so we’ve been trying to finalize what we are going to do. Return to ministry (which most likely means moving away) or Dh will enroll in a teaching certificate program (which means more debt and no guaranteed job). We didn’t come to a definite decision except that, for right now, we can not fathom leaving….and this might sound strange to some, but we can’t leave Josh.

Just today we had a big fight. It came down to me saying ‘well, no one is going to call and offer you a job’ and also I was very angry to think we’d end up with more debt. I realize that my monthly cycle probably had alot to do with the fight :/ Anyway, this afternoon he gets a call at home. It’s one of the local jr high vice principles. She wants to offer him a job temporarily teaching language arts (he’s preferred class)! We are floored! She got his name from Sacramento State – where Eric’s only talked to them about the program….not enrolled yet.

Now the problem comes – he’s made a commitment until May part-time with the pregnancy support group – and the afterschool program too. I want him to do them all since they are all temporary! LOL But that would be at least 60 hrs of work a week.

We don’t know what to do! Oh! She did say that the teaching position had the potential of being permanent! We just don’t know if she realizes that he doesn’t have his teaching credentials – she might just end up saying – “No Thanks” tomorrow!!

Please pray for us….and if you have any advice….please share!

Also, I’m starting a weight loss blog at http://stepbystep.osbornz.net … More on that later!

I just received this email… 🙁


I don’t know what to say but you know it is bad when the hospital

will let you get on-line and they don’t normally give access to

patient’s families.

I was pulled in for consult alone and they tell me that nothing is

working. I don’t have time for anymore details. But if all of you

would let any of your other list know and prayer chains that they

aren’t giving Barry any hope of much of a recovery. He isn’t

responding to any of the medicines or treatments to reduce swelling

on the brain.

Pray that God’s will be done. I put him in God’s hands last night. I

know God will take care of him one way or another. Maybe not my way

but for Barry’s best.

Love you,


Please pray for Rachel, Barry and Nate Moore in South Carolina. Barry was in an auto accident yesterday in Columbia SC. Here is an abbreviated update we got this morning…..


Keep praying. I just got a call from Rachel. Barry’s injuries are bad. The Dr.s said his condition was serious and that he had broken every bone in his lower face and skull. he is currently in a coma and they are monitoring him and keeping an eye on him. The Dr. also said they had not seen a case that bad with so many fractures. I really can relate to someone who posted earlier tonight about how the English language is not enough, and for God to read our hearts.

Oh Father of healing, Rachel and Nate Need Barry. Please, God, restore his healing so he can be with his family. Allow him to awaken with no brain damageand be fully restored. Hear our prayers oh God and we ask you to honor them. In the precious name of your Healing pwer, we pray, AMEN

Remember, sisters, that about a year and a half ago, we were all on our knees on Rache’ls behalf.

Keep praying.